The Drivers I’m Obsessed With Now

I’m going to just kinda blog a list of the drivers I’m obsessed with right now.

Sometimes it changes depending on how the race season is going and I do have a few that I cheer on win or lose.

But I do like to branch out and cheer for others and get to know their stories.

You never know, they might become the next big racecar driver.


Jimmie Johnson, just thinking about that amazing 2006 win.

Just an amazing over all athlete.

Jimmie Johnson

Dale Earnheardt Jr. mostly because I love that he is Dale Earnheardt’s son.

Like I said in a previous post, I believe racing is in your blood.

Dale Earnheardt Jr.


Denny Hamlen, I’m just excited to watch this guy and see what he does.

Denny Hamlen


Ty Dillon because I like the state of North Carolina.

I’ve visited there a lot for some races and I like this guy.

Ty Dillon

Danica Patrick because she is rocking it for the women.

Women love racing too!!

Danica Patrick

Really watching Chase Elliot too.

Such a young and fun to watch racer.

Chase Elliot

So excited to watch these drivers in this Sunday’s race.

I may have a new favorite by the end of the race or be surprised that I’m rooting for someone who I didn’t think twice about.

I’ll be setting up all my snacks and enjoying this race for sure.

Interested to see how everyone’s cars are doing and how they believe the season is going to go.

There is a new point system and a few rule changes based on the size of the motors.

Every race always has something exciting going for it.

I’ll be rooting the loudest for Chase Elliot for this race.

Really believing in him and his team.

I love rooting for an underdog.

Excited to see who takes home that checkered flag!!