Racing And Race Cars

Why Are We Obsessed With Race Cars?
The fascination with car racing and race cars is easily explained when you take into consideration that is a sport that involves racing of automobiles for competition. So, in other words it includes newest machinery, speed and adrenaline – which is just as much stimulation needed to get just about any man excited about racing. The purpose of the car racing is to set the fastest time, this of course also is done in a number of laps. The number of laps has been previously set, or a time limit is provided as a guideline for achieving this goal.

Who Wins The Race?
Well, it is well known that turtle wins the race, but not in this game! The order of winners is strictly determined by the time they had achieved in the race.
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The fastest driver logically takes the first prize and so on. In addition to that it should also be mentioned that if a driver fail to complete a race for any reason, they are disqualified from the race.


The term which is used for this racer is that they have ‘retired’ from the race, or simply referred to as ‘out’ of the race. However, even these drivers are given positions after the race, and they are ordered in the sequence in which they have retired, simply put – the first one to retire from the race will be the last in the race and so on.

How To Communicate In Racing
Racers and auto races use a distinct system of communication through flags. If you have not heard of it before, we will explain it briefly in this blog and you will understand some of the basics when it comes to flag communication as the system which is used in car races and auto races.
The basic concept is pretty simple, there are flags of different colors and each flag which is displayed has a different meaning due to the color used. Flags are displayed to communicate instructions to competitors and contestants in the game, but it is also useful that spectators are aware of the meanings of the flags. Individual series have different rules, and also bear in mind that some flags have changed throughout the years, but generally, the meanings of the flags are accepted as follows.

Yellow flag means that a local area is the area of caution. The type of racing might also determine whether there will be more than one yellow flag used for full course caution or sign with ‘SC’. Yellow flag might also signify that no cars may pass. Green flag means that the session has started or it was resumed after a full course caution or stop.
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The green flag can also be used to signify the end of hazardous section of track.A black flag is used to summon the car to pit for consultation and halt the session and allow all cars to return to pit lane.