Nascar Tires

While I love racing and especially Nascar, I wonder about all the tires used.

The average Nascar driver used between 9 and 14 sets of tires a race.

That’s between 36 and 56 tires in total used.

There’s typically 43 cars in a race and if you multiply that the numbers are 1548 and 2408 tires for all the cars. Drivers are asking for better tires from Goodyear. I’m sure its because tire changes take time and can lose you a race.

I’m more concerned with how these tires are effecting our landfills and where they are going. Just seems like too much of a waste for a sport. So, I did a little digging because this was really weighing on me. I really love this sport and Mother Earth also. Liberty Tire is the official tire recycler of Nascar.

They make sure all those tires get recycled and turned to good use after the Nascar races.

They head to the recycling center in Concord, North Carolina. Each year there is approximately 300,000 tires recycled. That is an incredible number.

Thankfully with this recycling they are keeping these tires out of the landfill. They are ground down to specific sizes and then shipped off to specific places that requested those sizes. Some are shipped and processed into fuel for broiler furnaces.

Some get recycled into rubber mulch and then distributed around the trees at the Nascar track.

So cool, now you have a little back story about that mulch!!

The rubber mulch is also used at playgrounds.

It holds its color for 12 years and doesn’t hold water so it doesn’t rot. The recycled tires make their way into rubberized pavement also. There is more research here and its making its way around the highways of our country.

Nascar even hopes that its track can be made out of this rubber in the future. It helps keep the rainwater off the road and reduces road noise. I’m so glad I did a little digging. Now I can relax and concentrate a lot more on the race and not the waste of tires.

In Sonoma County CA, NASCAR Teams Complete Goodyear Tire Test at Sonoma Raceway