Does Your Street Race Car Have Tinted Windows?

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Happy you stopped by this post… I wanted to write a post about your street Race Car having Tinted Windows or not and if not, why?

As Race Car lovers, we put so much money into our rides, from rims, tires, paint, graphics, and all sorts of engine enhancements plus all kinds of interior upgrades and add-ons…

One of the most valuable things you can invest in your race car is window tinting. There are many benefits, most commonly is changing the looks with Tinted Windows. But you also get UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You can also protect the interior from cracking and fading from the sun damage… most high quality films protect from skin cancer and is backed my the Skin Cancer Foundation.

With Tinted Windows you can go with dark tints for more of a privacy look also known sometimes as a ghetto look but can also serve a purpose if you need privacy to hide tools or something like that in the back of a truck or van… As you know we are more taking about race cars here and not trucks or van, so some of us do like there windows blacked out pretty dark getting the Gangster look.

You can also go with a really light shade if you want to be seen easier in your ride, this is more for the benefits of UV Protection and or Heat Rejection from some of the higher end films out there.

You can also go with something in-between, the medium shades keep your race car looking more classy looking, more of my personal favorites. People can obviously tell your windows are tinted but its not supper dark either.

All Tints are not created equal… there are many different brands of automotive window film out there and within each brand there are multiple different lines of films. Each have there different qualities and benefits that should be considered before getting your windows tinted.  So do your research before investing in window tinting for your ride… Trust me it’s not worth it to go cheap in the short run just to save money because it will cost you double or triple in the long run if you go with cheap tint. I have seen it first hand.

Enjoy this video I found on YouTube

and feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think…

Do you have your car tinted?

How light or dark did you go?

What brand of film did you go with?

What line within that brand did you get?

leave a pic of your car if you can.


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The Drivers I’m Obsessed With Now

I’m going to just kinda blog a list of the drivers I’m obsessed with right now.

Sometimes it changes depending on how the race season is going and I do have a few that I cheer on win or lose.

But I do like to branch out and cheer for others and get to know their stories.

You never know, they might become the next big racecar driver.


Jimmie Johnson, just thinking about that amazing 2006 win.

Just an amazing over all athlete.

Jimmie Johnson

Dale Earnheardt Jr. mostly because I love that he is Dale Earnheardt’s son.

Like I said in a previous post, I believe racing is in your blood.

Dale Earnheardt Jr.


Denny Hamlen, I’m just excited to watch this guy and see what he does.

Denny Hamlen


Ty Dillon because I like the state of North Carolina.

I’ve visited there a lot for some races and I like this guy.

Ty Dillon

Danica Patrick because she is rocking it for the women.

Women love racing too!!

Danica Patrick

Really watching Chase Elliot too.

Such a young and fun to watch racer.

Chase Elliot

So excited to watch these drivers in this Sunday’s race.

I may have a new favorite by the end of the race or be surprised that I’m rooting for someone who I didn’t think twice about.

I’ll be setting up all my snacks and enjoying this race for sure.

Interested to see how everyone’s cars are doing and how they believe the season is going to go.

There is a new point system and a few rule changes based on the size of the motors.

Every race always has something exciting going for it.

I’ll be rooting the loudest for Chase Elliot for this race.

Really believing in him and his team.

I love rooting for an underdog.

Excited to see who takes home that checkered flag!!


Becoming A Racer In A Race Car

How do you become a race car driver.

This is a tough question. I’m not sure it’s an easy one to answer.

There’s all kids of advice out there on the web. I think one thing that is missing from what most people will tell you is that it just might need to be in your blood. That’s right! I said it. I’ve been around race cars all my life.

There’s so much to learn and I’m not sold on the idea that you can be taught how to drive a race car.

There’s something about the hand eye coordination, the risk assessment, and listening to your intuition that comes into play when your driving a race car. I think its passed down in your DNA. Sure you could be a pretty boy and only drive a car, I know drivers out there that are just the face.

There’s something about working on your car and knowing every part of it. When you get inside it becomes part of you and you work together to win the race. There’s something about knowing the sounds your car makes.

It gives you an extra boost of adrenaline to know your car is about to fall apart but you need one more lap. Let alone the fact that you can’t afford for the car to fall apart because you don’t have that many sponsors.

When you grow up around race cars, you’ll know what kind of chassis you want for the type of racer you want to become.

You’ll already know all the great junkyards and parts stores that you’ll need to be hooked up with.

Race car driving is a tight knit community.

You’ll have a lot of questions coming in blind, so to speak. The community you will want to get acquainted with is your local speedway.

After you have your car, which OMG takes a lot, you’ll enter yourself in a race based on that car. Work on winning these races and making money and racking up your points. This will give you your first sips of fame of becoming a race car driver.

How I Became A Racing Driver And Bought My Own Godzilla

Published on Feb 24, 2016

When Jann Mardenborough entered Nissan’s GT Academy back in 2011, he never thought he would go on to win the whole competition and become a professional racing driver. This is his incredible story…

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“Nissan GT Academy: Introducing 2011 Winner, Jann Mardenborough” by NissanUK

“AMAZING JOURNEY FROM GT ACADEMY TO F3 – Jann Mardenborough’s first Formula 3 at Silverstone” by NISMO TV

“Jann Mardenborough, Ep. 1 – A winning taste for Gran Turismo” by Nissan Europe

“Jann Mardenborough, Ep. 2 – Toughing out the competition” by Nissan Europe


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Tarik Tune

Play video games, become a race car driver? Count me in.


Xtreme Gamerz

+Leijonafani gran turismo sport must use a VR as well as da Academy.


Qusay Aqooly

Xtreme Gamerz me2 I play video games of racing



When I saw the video in my feed I was like, Alex get over the fact you aren’t a race car driver. And then it was an actual story from a race car driver.


joey BOYER

+Stevethe11th forgot to tag you


+joey BOYER lol, I agree, country and hip hop is unbearable



Holy shit! He looks like the PRETTY VERSION of Black Panthaa


Hyundai Accent Fan Club

Do you ever plan on buying a Hyundai Accent???



+Weston Adams it was a joke I love my civic. I’ll never get eid of it 400k strong

Weston Adams

+LEET H4X0R Thank god. You nearly gave me a heart attack.


I like this more than my my school’s anti drug video



+Whydoesitmatter cars and weed 😀 😀


Ruben van der Peet

+Whydoesitmatter cause cars are good for you



I work in a supermarket bit different to racing driver ?


Gamer Z

shopping carts have really good steering angel for drifting


ThatGuyNamedScott. C

+Gamer Z I learnt that! Getting them transitioning on point

Felix Gijón

such a great video. nice to know people still achieve their dreams nowadays.


Car Throttle

+Felix Gijón Agreed


bmwz4931 MLG420

+Car Throttle i love your channel <3



First saw the title and thought Alex bought the GTR…



+Human Being original Godzilla not old gtr.


Edison Widener

+IAN LAI its still the godzilla

LA of LA

Documentary quality (which is a complement) good job Ethan


Mouldy CPU

+Huey Camus I’m amazed by the fact that so many YouTube commenters don’t know they can edit their comments.


what accident happened

B Fuller

I’ve asked like a dozen times but you need to do more of these high quality reader’s rides. they are your best videos.







Bryan Doherty

To me he looks like a younger Lewis Hamilton. I wish him the best of luck in his racing career.


Bryan Doherty

+Bahamuttiamat he would have to get into a young driver program. Maybe he’ll find someway to get involved with Infiniti the hopefully it would get him a seat in Red Bulls young driver program. I think Infiniti still sponsors Red Bull Renault


+Bryan Doherty Infiniti and redbull have severed their ties.  Infiniti is only associated with renaults works team.


So basically, if that update for Gran Turismo didn’t come out he’d be probably working a 9 to 5 job instead of being a racecar driver


Giovanni T

gran turismo changes lives…


Judge Victorio

+GXTdrifts Lives not life’s..


Is a Nissan Racing Driver, parks on the wrong side of the gas pump. 4:46



Mikeeeeu newbie

Sidharth Babu

he looks and sounds like Lewis Hamilton lol


Fearless Ghost

Babu Nair that’s what I was thinking too!!??



A lot of people share this dream. Unfortunately, I play Xbox.



+Joeri Smit lol



+Ryan Zamora (SofaKingSteezy) No, it´s not the same. There are many exclusive games that are also avaible on PC. Halo, for example. “Xbox exclusive”. (The industry just want to make money, so all is possible ;))

StifleroGaming HD

My dream is to become a racing driver. When I was a kid, my dad took me and put on the driver seat, and the only thing what I could see then is pedals and the dash. From that moment, I love cars. Anything about them. I was driving the kart, but never get ongoing with that because it is too expensive. I was following F1 since 2003, when I was 6-7 years old. I remember sitting in the sofa and watching them racing at Monaco, and when that onboard video came up to the screen, I would take the remote controller and acting like I’m using real steering wheel. I was so happy watching them, and “driving” with them. Now, I can only race on computers, playing simulations of the old F1.. ’89. Golden era of F1. Because I don’t have a chance to get my dream become true, I wish for people who does have chance and have LOVE, pure LOVE to do racing – please go. It is something beautiful. Most beautiful thing on this earth! And yes, if you want to check my videos here on YT, go to my channel.. I have few of them, maybe you will like it. And yes, I’m happy about this guy. He madded my day.



Pedro Antunes

Thx for the inspiration will do my best sir



sounds so easy right? well he had to be better in a video game and better then million of other gamers.. and he worked hard and made it, stop hating and admire him. GT is the best racing game ever!!!


Alberto 9324

+Cricis11700 nuuuuuu


giro227 nfs ultimate rice 2 is the best

Joshua Chandra

this man gives us all hope to an unattainable dream



6 seconds into the video i’m already wet :3




Landon Bierfreund

He looks like Lewis Hamilton and Black Panthaa had children


Adam Glover

If car throttle responds I will walk down the shop and buy some Jaffa cakes in my pjs


Adam Glover

+Christopher Smart lol

Christopher Smart

+Adam Glover if I could take a photo I would haha I have 36 of them…


sucks that the price of most GTRs are skyrocketting as we speak…



Jealousy intensifies


fin slidezz

i just bought my own project mazda 626


fin slidezz

+Alex Missi ei kannata tuomita autoa näyn takia


+miksu poika No ny kuulostaa hyvältä, mutta mieluummin Fiat Multipla sleepperi :DD


Car Throttle, notice me! #ilovephil


Car Throttle

+salman12322 Noticed


Bradley Porter

Car throttle is the best Gas Kings sucks! It’s annoying


Tai Lopez

Bradley Porter *best, Gas


Bradley Porter they are are good


That R32 is gorgeous!



+NinerFanGaming Well hello there!

Aaron Pagaduan

I always wanted to be a racer and I’m 16yrs old but thing is I would never make it to the top I don’t have a chance like the guy in the video did


Aaron Pagaduan

+clhatcher1 thanks I’ll look into it!!


Seth the guy

I am in ur same position, but i have a plan, if some miracle doesnt come thru like this, i take auto mechanics at my career center, im going to try to go to a tech school then work til enough cash is at hand for a full race course at a high performance driving school


RJ jr.

is it just me or he actually looks like long lost brother of lewis hamilton ? i mean at first sight i was like ” is that lewis hamilton or what ?” maybe i should stop watching F1 … :/



I was on my way to being a racing driver, but I just kept getting taller. Stupid genes!


Bas van der Meij

The point is.. I like this very much and I love that he got his chance to follow his dream but so many people can’t.. So many people can actually have the skill and talent but just never get noticed. I mean, many people actually don’t make it in their dream career and have to work dead end jobs.. I guess only go for opportunities if they actually are there or try a different route. I am first focusing on getting something stable and then I want to see if I can get involved in things like rallycross, it is something I have always been into as a kid, Whenever I watched it I was like omg, cool!!!! Though, the closest I can get now is go to an empty parking spot near where I live and try to push the car as far as it can on a really tight corner section. Anyway, driving feels good. (=


Daniel Smith

+Bas van der Meij Brother, that’s great! I’m NOT hating on you for having a relationship! If it’s serious, really serious, let her know exactly what you want to acheive and what you’re doing to strive for it. Women love dreamers, as long as they’re achievers! Trust me, you want as many people in your corner as you can. I’m just saying, make it before you start a family… Just my opinion, nothing more.

Bas van der Meij

+Daniel Smith I know man, I know. ^^


I wonder how can GranTurismo have the GT Academy with all the racing cars and money that they spend on it, but fail to make a decent racing simulator.



+felipegames12 Because if they made a “decent” or realistic racing simulator, designed for players with hundreds or thousands of dollars of racing peripherals, by far not as many people would play it, and they wouldn’t get as much money as they get now, where they made a game that aims to be accessible to all the everyday console players. A bit tragic indeed, but still, I feel it’s a necessary part to get people into the hardcore simulators (which are not available on console too) and buying somewhat usable wheels and pedals.

Honey Weed

+PoisonHeadcrab You are right. I started with GT4, then GT5 and bought myself a g25. Now I only play iRacing and some other sims on PC. This is the route that most simracers go. Forza/GT, buy a wheel and then go to the cool stuff.


The Scottish Stig

I swapped out all of my dads car CDs for some Phil Collins CDs I found in the basement…


Car Throttle

+The Scottish Stig Alex will be thrilled to hear this.



I got the skills to, but never got chance to use it on real track.. Only on streets. To bad we live in a world like this. Where we can’t get a chance for something greater. Only few of us go through…


simon jones

+laos85 Race street only. it’s much more exciting and better skill


Your point does not makes sense, street is not for racing, only stupid kid do it. There’s way more fun and challenge corner on the tracks.

Antique Production

i wait for Battlefield academy…



you know you could just join the army it’s not some prestigious thing that cost lots of money or time just enlist yourself



Having played Gran Turismo for years and participating in the GT Academy races etc i have huge respect for this dude. Cool guy


Lord Gaming

im 13 and my dream is to become a racing car driver just like Jann Mardenborough I really hope that GT academy will be on in 5 years



He forgot what side his tank was on while fueling. Ha


Knight of the Templar

if lewis hamiltons mum was chinese…






Racing And Race Cars

Why Are We Obsessed With Race Cars?
The fascination with car racing and race cars is easily explained when you take into consideration that is a sport that involves racing of automobiles for competition. So, in other words it includes newest machinery, speed and adrenaline – which is just as much stimulation needed to get just about any man excited about racing. The purpose of the car racing is to set the fastest time, this of course also is done in a number of laps. The number of laps has been previously set, or a time limit is provided as a guideline for achieving this goal.

Who Wins The Race?
Well, it is well known that turtle wins the race, but not in this game! The order of winners is strictly determined by the time they had achieved in the race.
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The fastest driver logically takes the first prize and so on. In addition to that it should also be mentioned that if a driver fail to complete a race for any reason, they are disqualified from the race.


The term which is used for this racer is that they have ‘retired’ from the race, or simply referred to as ‘out’ of the race. However, even these drivers are given positions after the race, and they are ordered in the sequence in which they have retired, simply put – the first one to retire from the race will be the last in the race and so on.

How To Communicate In Racing
Racers and auto races use a distinct system of communication through flags. If you have not heard of it before, we will explain it briefly in this blog and you will understand some of the basics when it comes to flag communication as the system which is used in car races and auto races.
The basic concept is pretty simple, there are flags of different colors and each flag which is displayed has a different meaning due to the color used. Flags are displayed to communicate instructions to competitors and contestants in the game, but it is also useful that spectators are aware of the meanings of the flags. Individual series have different rules, and also bear in mind that some flags have changed throughout the years, but generally, the meanings of the flags are accepted as follows.

Yellow flag means that a local area is the area of caution. The type of racing might also determine whether there will be more than one yellow flag used for full course caution or sign with ‘SC’. Yellow flag might also signify that no cars may pass. Green flag means that the session has started or it was resumed after a full course caution or stop.
[box type=”warning”]

The green flag can also be used to signify the end of hazardous section of track.A black flag is used to summon the car to pit for consultation and halt the session and allow all cars to return to pit lane.