Ask The Insiders Wednesday #124

This week, we follow up one Saturday night show with another.  The Cup and NNS cars will take to the Lady in Black for some “under the lights” racing.  While we wait for the weekend, here is a very short edition of ATIW.  If you don’t know what this post is, we answer any and all reader questions every Wednesday, right here.  So if you’ve got one, click on the ”Ask the Insiders” tab at the top of the page and send one to us.  On to the questions…

1. From Marc:

How do you think the new qualifying rules are working? Have the television ratings have improved ? If anything, I’ve been watching less of the broadcast, tuning in only for the fastest cars and the go-or-go-homers at the end, and I cannot imagine I am the only one. Also, do you think drivers would go slower in practice to qualify early if the track is expected to slow down as qualifying proceeded?

I think they are probably working as expected.  Unfortunately, I have no idea if the TV ratings for qualifying are better this year, or if more qualifying day tickets have been sold.  Regardless though, there is definitely a bit more drama towards the end of qualifying sessions.  As to your last question, I believe teams will do whatever they feel is necessary to get a leg up on the competition.  If that means sandbagging practice to get a good spot in the qualifying order, then so be it.  But remember that a team could really only do that if they felt their car was very good.  If not, they will need to maximize practice in order to make their car better. – T.C.

2. From Christopher:

Jeff Gordon is listed as the “owner” of Johnson’s 48 car. But when it comes to stats and listings of results, its considered a “Hendrick” car. What is the difference? Who owns what? Also does Jeff Gordon make any extra cash when the 48 wins or whatever?

Jeff Gordon is the “co-owner” of the #48 team with Rick Hendrick. It’s been like that since, I believe, the very beginning of that team. What exactly that means I really can’t say. Does he receive benefits for that? Is it purely symbolic? I unfortunately can’t provide any more than very general details on the situation. – Journo

And that brings yet another “Ask The Insiders Wednesday” to a close.  Thanks to everyone who sent in questions.  And remember, if you’d like to be a part of next week, click on the ”Ask the Insiders” tab at the top of the page and send your question in!